Language Learning & Proficiency Testing Made Easy

With user friendly dashboards, click and go authoring, customized reporting and a robust library of pre-built resources, XpressLab will help you save time, money and resources while effectively testing the language proficiency of your students, employees, admission candidates and clients.

Click-and-Go Audio & Video Recording

XpressLab supports high-stakes language proficiency tests with authentic communication tools.
Capture authentic listening and speaking skills using click-and-go audio recordings and video clips.

  • Create interactive language tests, activities and learning resources
  • Add multimedia stimuli to your language tests and activities
  • Drag and drop audio recordings into your test questions, record oral question prompts & capture verbal responses from your test-takers
  • Intuitive tools, slide-based authoring and the dedicated Test Planner makes creating tests and learning resource easy & efficient
XpressLab Features

Streamlined Marking & Evaluation

Configurable settings designed to meet specific needs. Streamline evaluation using rubrics and auto-marking functionality.

XpressLab Features
  • Use the Test Planner to set the structure, question flow, and marking scheme of your test
  • Set point values and time limits for each test question, or group related questions together to form dedicated test Sections
  • Create detailed rubrics using the Rubric Manager to facilitate the evaluation of subjective style questions
  • Access built-in, multi-reviewer and multi-step adjudication workflows to support your high-stakes testing scenarios

Provide Instant Feedback with Built-In Discussions

Add contextual feedback, create interactive discussion forums or provide one-on-one coaching.

  • Built-in Discussion Forums facilitate one-on-one coaching
  • Add written and audio feedback to specific responses
  • Create interview-style questions, debates or peer-to-peer discussions
  • Moderate group discussions
XpressLab Features

Real-Time Reporting & Defendable Test Results

Capture real-time snapshots of test-taker activity or generate Custom Reports for detailed and defendable analytics.

XpressLab Features
  • Use build-in timelines, activity report templates, and detailed analytics to uncover and target student weaknesses
  • Capture quick and timely overviews of student and test-taker activity
  • Generate custom reports  by selecting from report filters and data metrics specific to your reporting and evaluation needs
  • Export data to CSV, PDF and Excel formats, packaged and ready to import into your LMS

Built-in Templates, Activities & Question Types

Select a template to structure your questions and activities. Import ready-made resources developed by pedagogy specialists.

  • Create tests and activities by selecting from built-in question types, such as: oral and written multiple choice questions, cloze questions, oral and written response questions, and more.
  • Choose from a number of built-in activity templates
  • Access the XpressLab Library to import ready-made tests and learning resources, developed by pedagogy specialists 
  • Save content and assessments to your private Library or share your resources with other users within your organization, school board or globally
XpressLab Features

Dynamic Dashboards for Test-Takers & Admin Users

Improve workflows for test authors, instructors, and test-takers with intuitive Dashboards and streamlined workflows.

XpressLab Features
  • Intuitive Dashboards are user-friendly, with easy to recognize navigation, tools, and newsfeeds
  • Student and test-taker Dashboards make it easy to locate and complete tests, review instructor notifications, access new discussion posts and review submission feedback
  • At-a-glance summaries and news feeds display the enrollment status and course progress


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